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Pack of 2 - Express Weight Loss

Star ingredient in dietetic departments, Konjac is the increasingly popular ally in slimming diets.

This easy-to-carry bottle helps you regulate hunger pangs and aid weight loss.

Express program over 5 days !!!!

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Dextrose, konjac rhizome extract (Amorphophallus konjac)

titrated in glucomannan, peach lemon tea flavor (5%), magnesium salts

citric acid, extract of green tea leaf (Camellia sinensis), titrated in

polyphenol, catechin and epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), color: caramel

ammoniacal, anti-caking agent: medium chain triglycerides.

Usage tips :

Take two shaved measuring spoons, three times a day before each meal for five days.
Pour the contents of the spoon into a container, add 100ml of water and mix the preparation well.
To consume quickly.
The beneficial effect is obtained by the daily consumption of 3g of glucomannan in three doses of 1g each taken before meals and as part of a low calorie diet.

Precautions for use:

Food supplements should be used

as part of a healthy lifestyle and not be used as a substitute

a varied and balanced diet. Keep the product out of reach

young children. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.

Contains caffeine (3 mg / day). Not recommended for children, adolescents,

pregnant and breastfeeding women and people sensitive to caffeine.

Taking is not recommended between meals. Very high swelling power,

it is forbidden to absorb the dry powder: it is necessary to rehydrate it

before ingestion. In case of swallowing difficulties or in case of ingestion

with an inadequate fluid which may cause a risk of suffocation, drink

immediately plenty of water to ensure ingestion into the stomach.

To be consumed as part of a controlled calorie intake diet. AT

store in a clean, dry place away from light.

Nutritional information


FOR 3 doses (30 g)

% AR *

Konjac rhizome extract

4500 mg

Of which glucomannan

4208 mg

Green tea leaf extract

900 mg

Of which polyphenol

315 mg

Of which catechin

225 mg

Of which EGCG

135 mg

Of which caffeine

3 mg


149 mg


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