The Secret Anti-Stretch Marks


  • Coco-coprylate
  • Aqua (Water)
  • Caprate
  • Glycerin
  • Butyrospermum

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Stretch marks are skin trauma accompanying the hormonal upheavals of the major stages of life: puberty and pregnancy are the main causes. Stretch marks appear suddenly, slowly change from a purplish pink appearance to an ivory white, sometimes pearly appearance, and never completely disappear. As such they are experienced as a calamity that we would gladly do without. Men are also not spared, although the prevalence is lower for them. Puberty, obesity and intensive weight training (especially shoulders, torso and arms) are triggers.

ANTI-STRETCH MARKS contains the active Registril: The triple action of the ANTI-STRETCH MARKS concentrate helps both prevent the appearance of stretch marks and effectively reduce existing stretch marks.


Apply twice a day to areas subject to tension (stomach, buttocks, chest, etc.).


• 72% reduction in furrow depth,

• Improvement in the color of stretch marks -22%,

• Decrease in the width of the furrow -29%.

To apply from the 3rd month of pregnancy.

Le Secret


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