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Le Secret releases its new product: the detox tea cure

For this detox challenge, Le Secret invites you to escape for a bit and fall for these fruity blends, based on natural ingredients and boost your weight loss.

Using advice :

- In the morning (before 5 p.m.): an Orange detox tea with Sencha green tea which fights against fatigue and limits the effects of aging.

Maté helps fight against overweight but not only. It also eases migraines and pain associated with rheumatism. Orange peel helps reduce bad cholesterol levels, while promoting weight loss. As for mint, it increases the feeling of satiety.

- In the evening (after your last meal): an Inner Peace detox infusion based on chamomile that helps you fall asleep, soothes irritated skin and sore throats. Chamomile also fights against stress. Mint increases the feeling of fullness. Clove is effective against certain digestive disorders such as bloating and lastly fennel promotes digestion.

Organic Green Tea - Orange Detox

Organic green tea Sencha orange flavored, added to green maté, orange peels, grapes, mint, pieces of apple, sage, banana.

Ingredients: Sencha green tea *, green maté *, orange peels *, grapes *, mint *, apple pieces *, sage *, banana *.

Organic Infusion - Inner Peace Detox

Ayurveda is a form of traditional medicine originated in India. Our Ayurvedic herbal teas are inspired by these ancestral methods. The virtues of these herbal teas depend on their ingredients.

Ingredients: Green mint *, cinnamon sticks *, hibiscus *, licorice root *, ginger *, fennel *, orange peel *, cloves *, chamomile *, pink pepper *, cardamom *

This beautiful well-being cocktail is at your fingertips, a pink thermos bottle from the Secret to accompany you every step of the day!

To please everyone, Le Secret community has chosen a tea that you can enjoy drinking hot or cold.

* Products from organic farming.

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